Tanker Scheduling Request

This official request form is for U.S. Navy and Marine Corps operational squadrons only. If requesting services for NAVAIR, RDT&E, FMS, or other DoD agencies, please contact OARS directly for further guidance.

To place an official U.S. Navy or Marine Corps request, complete the form below, arranged in four easy steps.

Other than the primary day(s) of your mission, it’s not critical to have all of your mission details to request services. However, to facilitate a rapid approval process, please provide as much information as possible. It is understood that many details, exact times, etc. will not be known at the time of the request.

  • Step 1

    Providing the Basics

  • Step 2

    This section provides funding justification to CNAF. The CNAF N31A (via FACSFAC VACAPES) is the approving authority for all CNAF missions, and prioritizes in case of a scheduling conflict. Describe your mission goals, and how the tanker will support them by listing all additional information you currently know.

    Additional Information

    Tell us about the Mission

  • Step 3

    Provide Two Point of Contacts

  • Step 4

    After pressing the submit button below, your request form will be automatically sent to both the Navy Commercial Air Services (CAS) Flight Hour Manager at Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Virginia Capes (FACSFAC VACAPES) and Omega Operations.

    The CAS Flight Hour Manager, with approval from the Commander, Naval Air Forces (CNAF), will determine whether a mission can be supported based on funding and other planned operations.

    The approval notification timeline depends on the operational and funding environment at the time of your request. Further details may or may not be required to approve the request.